Rights Managed & Exclusive

Rights Managed by industry/SECTOR

We believe that the digital world is too small to divide and conquer. When you license Digital Media, you get the entire sphere. Yes, the world. Be careful with it and keep it green. On the other hand, print, billboard and products are more readily restricted by print run. We therefore let you decide how many you need and don't license any one else in the same (SIC) industry or sector based on your license,  during the digital license period.
Rights Managed Exclusive

However, if you must have it all, we also have the Rights Managed Exclusive license which does not let any one else, regardless of the industry/sector, license the photograph(s) during the Digital License period, even for printing or merchandising, even if you don't. It's all yours. Enjoy it.
We got you covered

- All photos are shown in best JPG quality available. Please review before ordering.
- The copyright remains with the author, creator, photographer
- The digital image may have already been used. Contact us to find out when (where is obviously worldwide. OK, we do have more info to give you.)
- Images for digital licenses will be provided at 1200 pixels max on the long edge 
- Images for print or merchandising license will be provided at their full resolution
- The image may be re-licensed after the licensed for period
- If you wish to re-license the same photographs, you must let us know two weeks before the digital period expires.
- If you are interested in merchandising, do contact us first, please!
- The discount for multiple maxes out at 5 even if there are more photos in the series. If you pay for 5, you get a license to them all.
- The industries/sector are based on the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)​​​​​​​ of the USA
- The licenses is only for the company/business licensed based on its tax ID. A corporate group with subsidiaries may not cascade down the license. It can only be used for the group. Each subsidiary must purchase its own. Talk to us about it. We understand.
- Minimum digital license period is three months
- With your purchase order we will send you a copy of the photos to you at the highest JPG relative resolution based on the license purchased.
- We will bill you via a PayPal invoice which you can also pay via credit card. Please let us know if you wish direct transfer.
- Payment is due within 30 days (or else) from the transfer of the files.
- Enough said?
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